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The 2014 Visit

Builders on site to complete the staff 
accommodation Painting doors in preparation for the 
builders Just another normal day Alterations to the cook-house to provide 
additional housing The local preparation of building aggregate Immunisation day The services offered The outside walls being completed The solar panels being installed The solar power in action The Betty McGrady Memorial microscope Longforgan Primary School, Scotland, link with Katinge Primary School, Uganda A new arrival receiving a gift of a fleece blanket & a jumper DEWODE members keeping warm in their new fleeces Some of the DEWODE members

The 2012 Visit

Big progress Just the roof needed Almost complete With the new roof

The 2011 Visit

Pat working on the inventory Patients waiting for treatment Pre & post-natal mothers Donated goods to be used as gifts for new babies Yusuf tries out his new laptop & printer Liz researching for her dissertation whilst painting
Helen & Jayne preparing the walls for painting Wall hanging made by pupils of LongforganSchool, Perthshire, being presented to Burgoi Nursery After all the cleaning Pakagido Health Centre looks good Relaxed newborn weighing in Margaret enjoying painting Project supervisor, Helen, learning to paint Presentation of gifts to a new mother Soak pit for maternity waste - 'Can I come out now?' Weight check at the immunisation clinic Completed staff accommodation; begun during 2010 visit Martin tiling the Dispensary floor A new bike for the Dewode project & one for the Health Centre Food preparation area / storeroom, under construction

The 2009 Visit

Giving the compound a good clean Deliveries to our new health centre The Women improve their english thanks To Wigton Rotary's dictionary donation Distributing the books collected in Cumbria The collective friendship in action Doug giving the workforce a lift New resources for the laboratory The Maternity Ward The new system for catching the rain water More gifts from Cumbria being distributed. Thank you Josie Time for even more Japaties Not quite En-suite facilities New jumpers and gifts from Cumbria, being gratefully received Oh for a dishwasher Proud owner of a jumper from Mary - Thank you A medical test with a worried supporter The Children's Ward Fashionable night cap Modelling this year's fashion statement Our 'Holiday' home Busy in the Food Hall
Wee Douglas meets Big Douglas The many bananas can YOU get on a Kampala moped?

The 2007 Visit

Uganda children A Dewode office in Uganda Helen (Dewode member) talking to a whole school on Health Issues Pauline sorting books to be delivered to local schools Pauline helping with the construction of the Health Centre Catching up with the news from The West Cumberland Times Tony and Pius construting shelvies for the Health Centre Dewode oxen working in the Health Centre garden Trainers from New Balance Carrying wood for the cooking fire a daily activity Construction work on the Health Centre Grading stones for construction of Health Centre Tony and Liz helping in the construction of the Health Centre The women of Dewode having a well deserved rest Books that have been collected in Cumbria# Completed Dewode Health Centre Doug visiting a home of a Dewode member

The Early Years

Dewode headquarters A Dewode supplied sewing machine to Uganda Knitted teddies for the children Feeding one of the Dewode projects cows Dewode women at work in the fields Two year old girl returning from the bore hole having collected water

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